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Unitech Energy dealing in this segment with a well known Brand Ion Exchange Ltd (ZERO B) and has buildup a great commercial and domestic platform. This technology specially known as Salt Base Softener or Ion Exchange technology. Salt base softener comes with manual or auto generation mode, auto generation technology very popular in domestic sector now a day. These softeners remove the permanent hardness (Ca+ and Mg+) from the water and make the water much soften so that the water related problems like scaling; Chocking in pipe lines, hair fall, less soap working can be resolve. A Sand filter can handle the sand or rust problem of water. Especially in bore well when water comes out from the deep it comes with sand and other rust particles that can create problem in taps, showers, washing machines, RO and as well as in Drinking water. After install the auto generation Sand filter these all problems can be sort out easily. These both products Water softener and Sand filer gives perfect result in Hard water treatments.