Welcome To Unitech Energy

Since last 20 years we are in the field of business and under banner of Unitech Energy since 2006 we are in the market with the concept of water heating through Solar.

Under young and dynamic leadership of our management, we have strong faith in team work, to follow business ethics, to provide honestly the value of money to our valued clients who did and do faith on our commitment towards results and the quality is assured.

To be loyal and honest towards our own commitment and the long term vision & mission of the company and our leadership, we are very much crystal clear in adoption the means through which results are achieved and commitments are fulfilled.

We have selected the best brands available in India and in the world.


Director Desk

Since beginning when we entered into business profit making never was and remain our only aim and the main object of our working though we know profit is not a dirty word it keeps our working geared and is an essential part to run the business.

We always focus and try to preserve the welfare of all having in our mind the idea of our Indian culture ancient famous saying ”Sarve Bhavantu Sukhine”.

Why Us

To protect & preserve the natural environment is a prime duty and crying need as have today all of us with no option to think about tomorrow. We stick to the philosophy as a mission, ’Global warming-Green Energy, No Chemical, No Pollution, No Carbon’ and comply with all applicable UNO, WHO, National, State and Local laws and regulations.
We conduct a necessary training program to keep our Employees & Workers aware of the policy and motivate people to adopt Eco-friendly processes at every level of working and operations for the sake of our Earth and the

Our Valuable Clients

Narayana Health

Pyrotech Electronics

Shree Cement

Ambuja Cement

Hotel Radisson Blu

Hotel Ramada